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Smart economy: special offer for an assortment of Heinz bulk products

When ordering multiple SKU Balkova Heinz sauces you get a discount from its regular price of similar products in the shipment set::

The discount is given for the same number of frames (packets) in the set of different SKU, shipped on one invoice. If the number is different, the discount is considered to be the minimum set in the SKU. Buy 8 or more additional SKU is not encouraged.

Example: you have ordered 4 kinds Balkova sauces - Ketchup 8 boxes, 6 boxes Cheese, 6 boxes Grill, BBQ baskets 5 - 12% discount will be given a set of 5 boxes each sauce. More Ketchup 2 boxes, 1 box 1 box of cheese and Grill - will be released without the discount.

The range of sauses in the special offer: