Distributor of food products
and delicacies in Belarus

Warehouse complex

Warehouse complex

Ensuring optimal storage conditions and timely delivery of food is a priority task for ‘Restoracia’ company. Specially designed ‘A’ class warehouse complex has all the necessary conditions for the storage of different types of goods. It is equipped with modern fire suppression systems, video surveillance and alarm systems, automatic access control.



Class of warehouse complex


Total space of the complex

3000 square meters

Warehouse space

2100 square meters

Dry cargo storage space

1250 square meters

Number of pallet position in the dry cargo storage


Storage temperature of the dry cargo

from +10 to +25°С

Dry cargo storage type

6-layer shelf storage

For goods with specific storage requirements, there is a cold storage. Self-sustainable cold stores maintain different temperatures and are equipped with a modern monitoring system.


Number of cold stores  

Cold stores’ temperature

from +4 to -18°С

Total space of cold storage(4 cold stores)

120 square meters

Number of pallet position in a cold store


Space of a big store

240 square meters

Cold storage type

5-layer shelf storage

Safekeeping service

We provide Secure Storage service . For any questions call 8 (017) 290 - 52 - 80 (81) or e-mail info@restoracia.by